Short Throw Projector for Hire

Hire or rent a short throw projector. No more putting the projector in the middle of the audience. You can project from right in front of the wall.

Short Throw Projector for Hire


Rent a Xiaomi 5k Lumens Laser Projector (White Model) – Perfect for Small Spaces. Bring your visuals to life, even in the most compact spaces! Our Xiaomi 5k Lumens Laser Projectors, in their sleek white design, are tailored for settings where traditional projectors won’t fit. With their short-throw capability, they’re the ideal choice for projecting visuals behind bands, in art galleries, home cinema or movie night or for creating atmospheric scenes at any event.

As we stock a pair of these, you can achieve dual projections for larger or more intricate visual setups. Their vibrant display ensures that your content will stand out whether it’s a presentation, artwork, or background visuals for a band.

Key Features of Short Throw Projector for Hire:

  • 5k Lumens brightness ensures vivid visuals.
  • Short throw capability for close range projection.
  • Sleek and modern white design.
  • Dual projectors available for extensive coverage.
  • Ideal for concerts, galleries, presentations, and atmospheric setups.

Basic Usage Instructions for rent a Short throw projector near me:

  1. Place the projector close to the display surface.
  2. Connect to your media source via HDMI or any compatible port.
  3. Adjust the focus and alignment using the onboard controls.
  4. Play your content and adjust settings as required.
  5. For dual projection, set up both projectors and synchronize your content across both devices.

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