Hire Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk – Lighting Control Console for Rent – 36 fader – Novalink

rent or hire a lighting control console or DMX lighting control desk. This theatrelight desk is popular in schools because of its ease of use.

Hire Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk – Lighting Control Console for Rent – 36 fader – Novalink



Enhance your event’s atmosphere with our Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk for hire. This easy to use lighting control console with 36 faders is an essential piece of equipment to create the perfect mood and aesthetic at any occasion. The Novalink 36 fader console is renowned for its versatility and simplicity. Whether your event is a concert, a theatrical production, a school production, a conference, or a party, this lighting control desk can handle it all. Theatrelight is a New Zealand-designed product – go kiwis!

Key Features of the Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk:

  1. 36 Faders: This console comes equipped with 36 faders, providing full control over lighting intensity and creating a seamless lighting experience.
  2. Novalink Technology: The integrated Novalink technology offers advanced networking capabilities, ensuring smooth and efficient lighting operations.
  3. Versatile Use: Suitable for a variety of events including concerts, theatrical productions, conferences, and parties.
  4. User-friendly: The Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk is known for its intuitive design, making it easy even for beginners to create professional lighting effects.

Technical Specifications of the lighting control console:

  • Number of Faders: 36 for DMX control.
  • Technology: Novalink with patch pad to help control movers.
  • Use with 5 pin to 3 pin adapter and DMX splitter for even more reliability in your DMX control chain.
  • This is a great alternative when you don’t want to use a DMX dongle and you want to get the lighting up and running quickly. We also have a LSC MAXIM Lighting Console which has even more faders (72 faders!)

Manufacturer’s Website: https://www.theatrelight.co.nz/desks.html

User Manual: https://www.theatrelight.co.nz/desks/manuals/novalink_manual.pdf

Hire the Theatrelight Lighting Control Desk today to take your event’s lighting to the next level. Offering the perfect blend of sophistication and ease-of-use, it’s the ultimate lighting control console for rent for all your events.

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