Hire Rane SL3 DJ Interface – Serato Scratch Live Box

Are you looking to take your DJ performance to the next level? Our rental Rane SL3 DJ Interface is the perfect tool for beginners and experienced professionals alike. By seamlessly integrating traditional and digital DJing techniques, this interface allows for a flawless performance. Plus, with easy-to-use controls and intuitive features, you’ll be able to elevate your skills and impress your audience in no time. So why wait? Rent the Rane SL3 DJ Interface today and take your DJ performance to the next level!

The Rane SL3 is compatible with Scratch live and Serato DJ, as well as digital to analog converter for your DAW.

Hire Rane SL3 DJ Interface – Serato Scratch Live Box


Amplify your DJ performances with the Rane SL3 DJ Interface, the perfect tool for using real turntables to control your digital Serato setup. Our Rane SL3 DJ Interface rental service gives you access to this high-quality interface that provides you with the ideal hybridization of traditional and digital DJing.

The Rane SL3 is an adaptable DJ interface that works well with Scratch Live and Serato DJ. It provides full control of your digital music library while retaining the tactile, hands-on experience of vinyl DJing. Furthermore, it serves as a digital-to-analog converter for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).

The Rane SL3 is easy to set up and begin scratching with, which is why it’s a popular choice for both experienced professionals and beginners. It allows you to use the power of your laptop and software while still having the traditional feel of DJing.

Key benefits of the hire Rane SL3 Serato DJ box:

  1. Hybrid DJing: Seamlessly integrate digital and traditional DJing methods with the Rane SL3.
  2. Compatibility: Compatible with Scratch Live and Serato DJ, offering flexibility in your DJing software.
  3. Easy to Use: With a simple setup, you can start scratching in no time.

Technical Specifications of scratch live box:

  • DJ Interface: Rane SL3
  • Compatibility: Scratch Live and Serato DJ
  • Functions: Digital-to-analog converter for DAWs

Included in rental:

  • Rane SL3 DJ Interface
  • Necessary cables and accessories


We also have turntables and CDJ’s available to hire.

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