Mixing Console – Hire X32 Mixing Desk – Per Day Hire

Rent the Behringer X32 digital mixing console, featuring 40 inputs, 25 buses, 32 programmable Midas preamps, 25 motorized faders, and a 32-channel audio interface, perfect for any event.

Mixing Console – Hire X32 Mixing Desk – Per Day Hire


The hire X32 mixing desk is a versatile mixing solution that caters to events of all sizes. With its 32 XLR inputs, up 40 inputs including auxiliary inputs, 25 buses, 32 programmable Midas preamps, 25 motorized faders, and a 32-channel audio interface, this rent X32 mixing desk is designed to meet your specific requirements, whether it’s for a solo performance or a full band setup. Not looking for an X32? Check out our other mixing desk options! Comparible desks include the Allen & Heath SQ6 and the QSC Touchmix 30.

You may also want to hire the X32 with its matching S32 digital stage box or upgrade to the DL32 so that you are using the real deal Midas pre-amps.

Key Benefits of rent X32 mixer near me:

  1. Versatility: The Behringer X32 digital mixing console is suitable for various event types and sizes, and its routing is adaptable to your specific needs.
  2. High-quality components: Featuring 32 programmable Midas preamps, known for their pristine sound quality and reliability.
  3. User-friendly interface: The 25 motorized faders and channel LCDs ensure easy navigation and control during live performances.
  4. Comprehensive connectivity: With its 40 inputs and 32-channel audio interface, the X32 can accommodate even the most complex setups.
  5. Digital desks improve the ability to EQ the room, and all channels have compression and gating options.
  6. Multiple ways to route or sent monitor mixers on this hire X32 mixing desk – so you can choose how you do things to suit your style of mixing.

What to look for when hire X32 mixing desk:

  1. Size and input/output options: Choose a mixing desk that fits your event’s requirements and offers sufficient input and output options.
  2. Sound quality: Opt for a mixing desk that offers high-quality preamps and components for optimal sound performance.
  3. Ease of use: Ensure your mixing desk has an intuitive interface and user-friendly controls. The view buttons on this desk make it easy to navigate to various parameters, improving the workflow of this rent X32 mixing desk.

This picture of the back of the hire X32 mixing desk clearly shows all the versatile array of inputs and outputs on the back of the mixer.

Basic instructions for using the hire X32 digital mixing console from Behringer:

  1. Connect your instruments, microphones, and other audio sources to the X32’s inputs.
  2. Configure the console’s settings according to your preferences, including input gains, EQ, effects, and routing.
  3. Use the motorized faders to control each channel’s volume, and the channel LCDs to monitor the settings.
  4. Make adjustments during the performance as needed, utilizing the console’s built-in effects and processing capabilities.

Technical Specifications of the hire X32 mixing desk Auckland:

  • 40-input, 25-bus digital mixing console
  • 32 programmable Midas preamps
  • 25 motorized faders on the hire X32.
  • Channel LCDs
  • 32-channel audio interface
  • Easy workflow to view important parameters with the touch of a button – use the view buttons to access EQ, compression, Gain stage and more.

Link to the manufacturer’s website: https://www.behringer.com/product.html?modelCode=P0ASF

Check out this handy video on getting started on the Behringer X32 mixing console thanks to Sweetwater’s YouTube channel:

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