Hire Vocal Microphones (Shure sm58 hire or Beta 58a similar) – Ensure Your Voice is Heard Loud and Clear – Per day hire

Hire vocal microphones like Shure SM58, Beta 58a, and other top brands for your event. We also stock Sennheiser and Audio Technica. Perfect for conferences, shows, and live performances.

Hire Vocal Microphones (Shure sm58 hire or Beta 58a similar) – Ensure Your Voice is Heard Loud and Clear – Per day hire


High-Quality Vocal Microphone Rental: sm58 hire available – Make Your Voice Stand Out

Ensure your vocalist is heard clearly over background noise or the band at your conference, show, or live performance. Our range of high-quality vocal microphones includes industry-standard options like the hire a Shure SM58 and Beta 58a, as well as other top brands. Designed with cardioid and hyper-cardioid patterns, these microphones effectively filter out noise to deliver crisp, clear vocals. Do you need to hire a wireless version of the vocal microphone? We have wireless microphones for hire too.

Key Features of our Hire Vocal Microphones such as sm58 hire:

  • Cardioid and hyper-cardioid patterns: Minimize background noise and improve vocal clarity with the appropriate microphone pattern for your setup.
  • Versatile selection: Choose from a wide variety of industry-standard vocal microphones, such as Shure SM58, Sennheiser Evolution, and Audio Technica Artist Elite.
  • Ideal for various events: From conferences and live performances to weddings and corporate events, our vocal microphones cater to different settings and requirements.

Popular Vocal Microphones for Hire:

Cardioid microphones:

  • Hire a Shure SM58 microphone: Live dynamic cardioid vocal microphone.
  • Sennheiser Evolution e835: Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone.
  • Sennheiser Evolution e935: Dynamic cardioid vocal microphone.
  • Audio Technica Artist Elite AE4100: Cardioid dynamic vocal microphone.

Hyper-cardioid microphones:

  • Shure Beta 58a: Dynamic live vocal microphone with hyper-cardioid pattern.
  • Sennheiser Evolution e845: Dynamic hyper-cardioid vocal microphone.
  • Sennheiser Evolution e945: Dynamic hyper-cardioid vocal microphone.

Depending on where you are placing your Vocal monitor wedge or fold back, you may want to choose between these two patterns. Cardioid works best when the wedge is directly in front of you, and a hyper-cardioid microphone is best when the fold back is on an angle on either side of you or on one side, as it has better side rejection for noise.

Rental Options for hire vocal microphones such as sm58 hire or beta58 hire:

  • Flexible per-day hire: Rent our high-quality vocal microphones for as long or as short as you need, with competitive pricing and convenient pickup and return options.

Helpful Resources for our hire vocal microphones:

For more information about the vocal microphones we stock and their specifications, check out the following manufacturer links and user guides:

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Make sure your voice is heard loud and clear at your event with our top-of-the-line vocal microphones. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and secure your rental today.

Combine your hire with a PA System or DJ Equipment for the perfect event entertainment package.


Product images are for illustrative purposes only.  All products listed here are for hire, not for sale. Prices are subject to variation with season and availability, so please request a quote for an accurate confirmed price.  


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