Hire Pipe and Drape Kit – Black Push Pole Drapes for Rent

Add a professional backdrop to your event with our adjustable Pipe and Drape Kit. Perfect for creating stage backdrops, dividing rooms, or blocking off areas. The hire freestanding drape and drape frame can be used to dress any area for your event. You can even turn your school gym into a theatre with black drapes and wings.


When it comes to creating dynamic spaces or adding privacy, our hire Pipe and Drape Kit (also known as rent push pole drapes) are available and are an excellent solution. Designed for easy setup, this drape kit includes sturdy base plates and spigots and uprights with adjustable height. The crossbars of the hire drape frame also have adjustable width, and we provide heavy black drapes to hang on the free-standing curtain rigging. Sometimes people hire drape frames only and put their choice of curtain cloth or hang banners or projection screens on them.

Pricing is per 3m drape and frame section for dry hire (if you pick it up). To find out how many sections you need to hire, measure the width of the area you need to cover and divide it by 3. We can also do the installation for you at an additional cost for delivery transport costs and setup labour, pack down labour costs and retrieval transport.

Key Benefits of Hire Push Pole Drapes or rent Pipe and Drape Kit:

  1. Versatility: Whether you need a stage backdrop, room divider, or to block off areas, our free-standing Pipe and Drape Kit can transform any space to suit your event’s needs.
  2. Easy Setup: With push pole design and easy-to-thread drapes, this kit is designed for quick and easy assembly and teardown.
  3. Drape Frame with adjustable height and adjustable width: The uprights can be adjusted from 2.1 m to 5 m, making this kit suitable for a range of events. The cross-bars also have some width adjustment between 2 and 3 meters.
  4. Quality Material: The Trevera heavy black drapes (3m by 5m) provide a professional and sleek look to any setting. They have a matte finish and can be used on either their 3m or 5m sides. Remember, drapes look best with a bit of ruffle in the hang.

Clear and Accurate Instructions for using the Hire Pipe and Drape Kit or Rent Push Pole Drapes:

  1. Set up the base plates and attach the spigots.
  2. Attach the adjustable uprights to the spigots to setup the vertical arms of the hire drape frame.
  3. Thread the heavy black drapes through the crossbars on either their 5m or 3m sides.
  4. Attach the horizontal crossbars to the uprights of your hire drape frame.
  5. Adjust to your desired height.

Transform your event space today with our Pipe and Drape Kit. Contact us to secure your rental! You might want to consider uplighting your drapes to provide an atmosphere.

hire freestanding drapes, pipe and drape kit or push-pole drapes and drape frame. Hire is per 3 metre section. Our hire freestanding drapes can be used to transform any space into an event space or threatre look. Creat stage backdrops or wings on your stage.

Product images are for illustrative purposes only.  All products listed here are for hire, not for sale. Prices are subject to variation with season and availability, so please request a quote for an accurate confirmed price.  


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