Hire foldback wedges – stage monitor or hire foldback speakers

Hire Foldback Wedges and Stage Monitor Rental: Enhance Your On-Stage Sound Experience with hire foldback speakers.

We have 2 speaker size options for foldbacks, 12″ driver with a horn or 15″ driver with a horn. We recommend the use of 12″ for vocal foldbacks and the 15″ for percussion and bass instruments.


Rent Premium Hire Foldback Wedges and Stage Monitors: Enhance Your On-Stage Sound Experience

Ensure your band hears themselves perfectly on stage with our high-quality foldback speakers or hire monitor wedges. Choose from active or passive speakers with various size options for different on-stage needs. Our foldback speakers or monitor wedges are designed to provide clarity, power, and ease of use for an optimal on-stage sound experience.

Key Features of our hire foldback wedges or stage monitors:

  • Active and passive options: Select from powered foldback monitors or passive speakers with an amplifier.
  • Versatile selection: Choose from 12″ driver with horn for vocals or 15″ driver with horn for percussion and bass instruments.
  • High-quality brands: Rent from top brands like Quest, EV, dB Technologies, and d&b Audiotechnik.
  • Suitable for various events: Our foldback speakers are ideal for concerts, live performances, conferences, and other events requiring on-stage sound reinforcement.

Popular Hire Foldback Speakers Brands and Models available:

d&b Audiotechnik Max2 Foldback monitor Speakers - 15 inch concentric horn.

Rental Options for foldback monitor wedges:

  • Flexible hire options: Rent our foldback wedges and stage monitors for as long or as short as you need, with competitive pricing and convenient pickup and return options.

What to Look for in Hire Monitor Speakers:

  1. Monitor angle: Ensure the speaker is facing your face and not your torso for optimal sound delivery.
  2. Clarity: Choose speakers with crystal clear clarity to hear your voice clearly on stage.
  3. Power: Select speakers powerful enough to be heard over other instruments on stage. Choose between passive speakers (which need an amplifier) or active speakers such as these.
  4. Easy to move and lightweight: Opt for speakers that are easy to move, with secure cable connections to avoid issues during performances.
  5. Monitor placement: Position your foldback speakers according to the microphone you’re using for the best sound experience.

Reserve Your Premium Foldback Wedges and Stage Monitors Today!

Enhance your on-stage sound experience with our high-quality foldback wedges and stage monitors. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and secure your rental today. Take a look at our PA Systems, microphones and backline for hire






  • Monitor angle – make sure the rent monitor wedge is facing your face and not your torso!
  • The clarity in the horn is super important. One of the reasons we choose concentric speakers is their crystal clear clarity, thus making sure you can hear your voice clearly on-stage.
  • We pick powerful speakers to be heard over the drum kit, bass rig or guitar amps behind you on the stage.
  • Easy to move around and lightweight. We tend to choose passive monitors because they require only one cable. This means the speaker cable clicks into place and won’t come loose mid-show. Also, not too heavy to carry.
  • Monitor placement is important. We recommend you place your hire foldbacks on stage according to the microphone you use for vocals. When you use a standard sm58 type cardioid microphone, the wedge should be placed directly in front of the vocalist. If you use a hyper-cardioid microphone such as a beta58, place your wedge to the side/ on an angle to the vocalist.



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