Drum kits NZ Hire – Drum Kit Rental Auckland – Per Day Hire drums

Hire high-quality drum kits for your gig or event in Auckland. Choose from our range of professional drum sets, including Pearl, Gretsch, Roland, and DW.

Drum kits NZ Hire – Drum Kit Rental Auckland – Per Day Hire drums


Drum Kit Hire or drum kit rental – Full Drum Kits for rent – 4, 5 OR 6-piece Drum Kits NZ.

Elevate your performance with our professional-grade drum kit hire; our drums are available for short-term rental in Auckland. Rent drums that are ideal for a wide range of shows, from international artists to local band competitions, our drum kit rental is perfect for any event. Note that our drum kits nz rental does not include cymbals, but we do offer cymbal sets and other percussion instruments as additional options. You may also want to check out our other band backline hire options.

Key Benefits for our drum kit hire:

  • Choose from a variety of top-quality rent drum kit brands.
  • Perfect for live performances, studio recordings, or events.
  • High-quality sound and performance drum kits nz.
  • Flexible rental options to suit your needs.

Brands Available for Hire – rent drums:

Technical Specifications for Each Drum Kit Hire available:

Pearl Reference Masterworks Drum Kit Rental (6-piece):

Gretsch Renown Maple Drum Kit Hire (5-piece):

Please note that additional drum kits nz hire options, such as Roland V-Drum TD 12 and DW Collector Series, are available upon request.

What to Look for When Hiring a Drum Kit or contemplating drum kit rental:

  • Choose a drum kit with the desired sound and tone quality
  • Ensure the drum kit is in good condition and well-maintained
  • Consider the size and layout of your venue or performance space
  • Opt for a rental package that includes necessary stands and accessories

Remember that drummers often prefer to bring their own cymbals, drumsticks, and sometimes even their preferred snare drum and kick pedal. Make sure to communicate with the drummer to provide the best possible setup for their performance.


Demonstration Videos for Rent Drum Kits NZ we stock:

Learn about the Pearl Reference Drum kit and what makes it special in the following video by Pearl drums on Youtube.

Learn about the Gretsh Maple Renown Drum set in this sweetwater demo video. Our kit is a similar colour to the one in this video, but it is shiny rather than matt finish.

Additional information

Hire Length

One Day, Two Days, One Week

Drum Kit Brand and Model

DW Collector Series (Exotic Mapa Burl finish), Gretsch Maple Renown (Blue Burst), Pearl Reference (Scarlett Fade), Roland Electronic Drum Kit

Product images are for illustrative purposes only.  All products listed here are for hire, not for sale. Prices are subject to variation with season and availability, so please request a quote for an accurate confirmed price.  


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