Hire ANZAC Rock Covers Band – Shane Cortese and the 8-Track Band

The 8-Track Band, led by the talented Shane Cortese, is a group of close-knit friends who share a passion for music and love to perform together. With Shane’s impressive triple-threat skills, they never fail to impress their audience.

Hire ANZAC Rock Covers Band – Shane Cortese and the 8-Track Band



Band Overview: Get ready to rock with Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band, the ultimate rock band that pays tribute to classic New Zealand and Australian Rock music. With an ANZAC spirit that resonates through every chord, this band delivers a high-energy performance that takes you on a nostalgic journey back to the golden era of rock. Shane Cortese is also a fantastic MC, Host or keynote speaker for your event! You might know him as the actor who played Hayden Peters on hit show Outrageous Fortune, and Dominic Thompson on Shortland Street. But Shane is not the only star in this band. The line up is stellar and includes Scott Cortese and Steve Abplanalp from the iconic NZ nineties sensation Push Push. Not only that but Chris Jones on guitar and Pete France on keys and saxophone complete the lineup to bring you a wall of sound that should not be missed.

Band Bio and Testimonials: Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band’s dynamic performances and authentic rock sound have made them a favourite among audiences aged 30 to 70. So great for a work party or 50th birthday party! Their ability to capture the essence of iconic rock hits and deliver them with electrifying energy has garnered them a devoted following and rave reviews.

Repertoire: The band’s repertoire celebrates the best of New Zealand and Australian Rock, featuring hits from legendary artists like Split Enz, Dragon, Cold Chisel, and more. Whether it’s a corporate event, private party, or festival, their music brings people together and sparks a sense of ANZAC pride.

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Sample New Zealand and Australian songs in Auckland Covers bands Set – Book a covers band options:

  • Run To Paradise – The Choirboys.
  • Boys Light Up – Australian Crawl.
  • Outlook For Thursday – DD Smash.
  • Are You Old Enough – Dragon.
  • Who Loves Who The Most – The Exponents.
  • But You Don’t Care – Mi-Sex.
  • Love Is The Drug – Roxy Music.
  • Sierra Leone – Coconut Rough.
  • We Can Get Together – Icehouse.
  • Who Can It Be Now – Men at Work.
  • Never Tear Us Apart – INXS.
  • No Secrets – The Angels.
  • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place – The Animals.
  • Gutter Black – Hello Sailor.
  • Blue Lady – Hello Sailor.
  • History Never Repeats – Split Enz.
  • Why Does Love – The Exponents.
  • Bliss – Th’ Dudes.

Performance Videos and Photos: Relive the rock ‘n’ roll magic of Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band through captivating performance videos and vibrant photos. Experience the raw energy they bring to the stage, channelling the spirit of rock legends that defined a generation.

Tour Dates and Showcases: Don’t miss the chance to experience the ANZAC spirit firsthand at Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band’s upcoming tour dates and showcase performances. Get ready to rock out to timeless hits and anthems that have stood the test of time. Check out what is coming up for them here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063494710951

Production Services: At The Rock Factory, we are honored to partner with Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band, providing exceptional production services that amplify their rock ‘n’ roll spirit. Our state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment ensure a concert-like experience that transports audiences back to the heyday of rock music.

Pricing and Packages: Select the perfect production package tailored to your event’s needs and budget. Our customizable options ensure you get the best value for an unforgettable rock ‘n’ roll celebration. Contact us for personalized packages that capture the essence of the ANZAC spirit.

Ready to rock out to the classic hits of New Zealand and Australian Rock? Book now and experience the ANZAC spirit with Shane Cortese and the 8-track Band. Secure your date and create an unforgettable rock ‘n’ roll celebration that resonates with the hearts of fans aged 40 to 70!

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