Rent Double 18 Sub Speakers, hire double 18 subs – per day hire

These are our go-to rent double 18 sub speakers available for hire. These Subwoofers are great for big/outdoor events, and compliment the Line Array tops nicely with a massive ultra-low-frequency punch.

Rent Double 18 Sub Speakers, hire double 18 subs – per day hire


Rent Double 18 Sub Speakers for Your Next Event.

Are you looking for powerful, deep bass for your next big event? Our hire double 18 sub speakers to deliver a massive ultra-low frequency punch, making them the perfect choice for outdoor events or large concert P.A. systems.

Hire Double 18 Sub Speakers for short-term rental – Active Sub speakers – Double 18″ sub speakers.

– These are our go-to Subwoofers for big/outdoor events and compliment the Line Array tops nicely with a massive ultra-low frequency punch

– They are mainly used with our Large Concert P.A. PackagesLine Array/Outdoor P.A. System Packages.

Key Features of rent double 18 sub:

  • Perfect for big and outdoor events, such as concerts, festivals, and corporate functions
  • Compliments Line Array tops and integrates seamlessly with our Large Concert P.A. Packages & Line Array/Outdoor P.A. System Packages
  • Active subwoofer design provides an integrated amplifier, making setup and operation easy and efficient.

Why Choose Our hire Double 18-inch Active Sub Speakers?

  1. High-quality sound performance: These subwoofers are designed to provide powerful, deep bass to enhance your event’s sound experience.
  2. Versatile use cases: They are ideal for various event types, including music festivals, concerts, band PA systems, Gigs, corporate events, and more.
  3. Easy setup and integration: The active subwoofer design includes an integrated amplifier, simplifying setup and ensuring seamless integration with any existing sound system.
  4. Reliable and durable: Our double 18-inch sub speakers are sourced from top brands, like dB Technologies, ensuring high-quality performance and reliability.


Hire Active Subwoofer Speakers Brands we stock:

  • dB Technologies Sub Speakers – German and Italian built speakers.

Full tech specs for our hire double 18 sub speaker:

Rental Options for Double 18 inch active sub:

  • Flexible per day hire: Rent double 18-inch active subwoofer speakers on a daily basis, providing you with a cost-effective solution for your event’s audio needs.

Reserve Your Double 18-inch Active Sub Speakers Today!

Contact our team to discuss your event’s requirements and book to rent double 18 subwoofer speakers. Make your next event a sonic success with our powerful and reliable subwoofers.

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