Session Musicians and Song Arrangement

If you are a singer / songwriter who wants to record we have access to session musicians who can help you record your music. This is especially useful for singers or songwriters who do not have a band, but still want to record a single for release that has a full band backing on it.

If you would like to use session musicians in your next recording project, you will need to have a basic demo prepared before the recording session that the session musician can listen to in advance. This will help them learn your song and create an arrangement for the part(s) they will play.

Session Musician / Intruments available:

  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Bass
  • Mandolin
  • Accordion
  • Tenor banjo
  • Flute as well as various celtic instruments.

You will need to pay a good session musician at least $35+GST an hour, and often includes the use of good instrumentation / amp hire. Session musician’s costs are additional and need to be added on top of normal recording / tracking charges.

Quotations will be dependent on your specific needs so please ask us for a quote for your recording project and we will confirm costs.

 If you would like to brush up on your music theory and arrangement skills, one of our session musicians can teach piano, theory and harmony up to Grade 8.