Wireless microphone hire and sales + frequency changes to cordless microphone hire

Hire a Wireless Microphone and Radio Microphone changes in New Zealand

Do you need to hire a wireless microphone? Are you a school, theatre, church, university, band or small business that uses cordless microphone hire or hire radio microphones for assemblies or events? Many of our clients use wireless microphones for assemblies, church services, lectures, auctions, sporting events, live music, conferences, presentations, activations or theatre productions. You might be using a hand-held or a belt pack with a headset or lapel microphone, or perhaps a body pack with your guitar or in-ears monitoring systems (IEM systems)… the following information affects you.

We both hire and sell wireless microphone systems and can help you through the digital TV frequency transitions with advice as well as options. We also have a frequency analyser that we can use to figure out which frequencies are best used, and available at a specific site. That way you don’t end up having interference problems at your event.

Wireless Microphone Hire Prices: Most of our hire wireless microphone systems are $75+GST to hire for one day, $112.50+GST for 2 days or $150+GST to hire for three days to a week.

Changes in the wireless microphone legal frequencies have happened recently:

Did you know that as of March 2015 you can no longer use a large chunk of wireless microphones or radio microphones in NZ? Frequencies that were used in New Zealand for wireless microphones in the past can no longer be used. The frequencies between 698-806 MHz have been allocated to digital TV, and will therefore no longer be available for use with audio and cordless microphone hire systems.

  • Your wireless or radio microphones with frequencies between 698 and 806 MHz are now illegal and will need to be replaced, traded in or upgraded.

We can help you find replacement microphones, or help you trade in your out of date wireless microphone for new ones that are in the legal range.

  • The new legal frequency ranges are 502 to 606 MHz and 622 to 697 MHz (B band).


Microphone Sales and Sound System and Lighting Installation upgrades:

Please give us a call if you would like help with replacing, upgrading or trading in your old wireless mics and radio microphones. We can supply Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Shure, Mipro and more.

We have helped numerous clients get good deals on trading in their old out of date wireless microphone systems. You might be able to get a trade-in discount depending on the brand you choose as your replacement. Many of our clients from schools and churches have used this as an opportunity to apply for funding. We can quote to upgrade your whole sound system and lighting installation at the same time.

We’ll come out and do a free consultation or appraisal and provide you with quotes. Do you want help with improving or upgrading your wireless microphones as well as PA system installations or lighting?… A hall or venue with a good sound system is more likely to be hired out. Venue hires by community groups for events outside your normal hours, so you could use this as a way to leverage your theatre or halls value to you.

Check out this little article on New Zealand Musician magazine that mentions us!

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You can hire a vocal PA from us to plug your wireless microphone into, or for your MC or entertainment to be heard?

Sennheiser’s microphones and Shure QLXD microphones are our go-to cordless microphone hire.