List of Auckland Venues for Band Gigs

Auckland Venues that let bands play…

Under Construction…

Here you will find a small list of Auckland Venues that accept band gig bookings and how to contact them (IN Alphabetical Order). I have also included production notes for each venue so that bands looking to book gigs there will know what is provided and what they might need to bring. Remember – we at the Rock Factory do Live Sound, so if you need extra gear or an Audio Mixing Engineer or Technician we can provide you with o.



Production Notes: Full PA, 4 foldbacks, 16 channel snake, 16 channel desk and full set of microphones, stands and cables provided! Bring your own soundie. The Rock Factory can provide a mixing engineer if you need one, we very much like working in this venue.


Dogs Bollix

  • Address: 2 Newton Road, Newton, Auckland
  • Phone: 09-378 1845
  • Email:
  • Contact: Steven

Production Notes: Venue is FREE – no hirage fee. You can use The Rock Factory Full PA for $80 for the night (That’s cheaper than hiring PA in!) The full PA has 2x double 15 subs and 2 x double 12 and horn tops run by 2 x XP3000 amplifiers, there is a 24 channel desk which has two auxiliaries for the two foldbacks onstage. Bring your own microphones, stands, cables and soundie… we also recommend bringing an additional foldback if you can for the back of the stage and linking the two existing ones at the front of the stage.  The Rock Factory can provide a mixing engineer (you provide mics) for $200, and a mixing engineer with full set of microphones for $250.


Galatos Live

Production Notes: Full PA Provided. Upstairs there is a 24 Channel Mixing Desk, Downstairs there is a small 4 channel Mixing Desk. Bring your own microphones, cables and Sound Engineer – and a mixing desk, snake and foldbacks(?) if you want to run a band gig downstairs. Great venue all-rounder.


Neck of the Woods

Production Notes: Full PA with 18 subs, snake, 24 channel desk, 1 DJ foldbacks Provided – bring your own microphones, foldbacks, backline, cables and hire Bob (inhouse guy) as a soundie.

Whammy Bar

Production Note: Inhouse PA and Sound Guy.


Wine Cellar

Production Notes: Full PA and sound