Staging an event

Staging a show or event requires all manner of production.

This page lists some equipment we have available for hire to put on a theatre production.

Whether it is a school production or cultural show – we can help you with staging.

We talk about staging in the context of event production hire; here we are talking about everything that is required to “Stage” a professional production.

Stage Packages

Show Production options and additions:

We often build stage extensions for schools who needed more staging for their school cultural event or school production. We can measure and extend the existing stage at the hall or venue.

staging 12 by 4.2 stage extension built for cultural event at a local auckland school
Drapes used to turn a school gym into a theatre setting

How to turn a school Gym into a Theatre with drapes in a trapezoid shape

We built this stage for a school cultural event outside on their school netball courts.

9.6 by 6 stage hire at a school, cross-braced for a cultural event