Backline Hire Drums, Cymbal and Percussion Hire

Sub Category of Band Backline Hire – Hire a Drum Kit:

We stock a few really nice drum kit hire sets that are sure to satisfy even the most fussy drummers. We also stock a nice range of hire percussion to add flavour to your performance.

Pearl Reference drum kit hire:

(Pearl market this drum kit as using the “Best of Masterworks” shell materials, hence the wood of the drums is carefully chosen according to the tom or drum size and characteristics wanted for that specific drum ).

  • Rack tom sizes 10 & 12.
  • Size 14 tom (fits on snare stand).
  • Floor toms size 16.
  • 22-inch kick drum.
  • 14-inch all maple 22-ply Reference Snare with stand.
  • Beautiful scarlet fade.
  • 4 boom stands.
  • 1 hi-hat stand.
  • 1 kick pedal.
  • Drum stool.
  • Sounds great live or recorded.
The secret of the Reference Kit is the amount of research that has gone into making it. The wood of the drums is carefully chosen according to the tom or drum size and characteristics wanted for that specific drum. This is no ordinary drum kit – when it’s properly tuned, it’s a reference for what other drum kits should sound like!

Gretsch Renown (All Maple) drum set hire:

  • Rack tom sizes 10 & 12.
  • Floor tom sizes 14.
  • 22-inch kick drum.
  • 14×5 inch snare with stand.
  • 4 boom stands.
  • 1 hi-hat stand.
  • 1 kick pedal.
  • Drum stool.
  • Cobalt fade.
The Gretsch Renown Maple is one of my favourites kits for recording in the studio. As a sound engineer I prefer the sound of these to the DW collector series maple, it has thicker shells and therefore a warmer, deeper tone. All kits come with standard with the toms that are on separate stands to the bass drum (isolation) and 3 to 4 cymbals stands, a drum seat/throne, hi-hat stand, snare stand and kick pedal if necessary.

Roland V-Drum Kit – Hire an Electronic Drum Kit with TD-12 Sound Module

  • Roland V-drums TD-12 Percussion Sound Module / Brain.
  • Mesh head Snare.
  • 4 mesh head Toms.
  • 2 rubber crash cymbals.
  • 1 rubber ride cymbal.
  • rubber hi-hats on stand.
  • Drum Rack.
  • Real XM ElecDrum Kick Drum and pedal.
  • Drum Stool or throne.
  • You can run this through a powered speaker, headphone or an amplifier.
Backline hire, Drum kit, hire an electronic drum kit, Roland V-drum Td-12 drum module

Hire drums – Cymbal sets

Anatolian Cymbals are hand hammered and created in an Istanbul factory in Turkey. The cymbals have engraved markings in the same spot as the Istanbul and Alchemy Cymbals and have many similar characteristics to these whilst also having their own character. They are sold mainly in Europe as up-market cymbals – because they are hand hammered, each cymbal has its own distinct flavour.

Set 1: (set of cymbals – Anatolian):

  • 1 set of Anatolian Ultimate Series 14-inch hi-hats.
  • 1 Anatolian Kappadokia Series 16-inch crash.
  • 1 Anatolian Baris Series 18-inch power crash.
  • 1 Anatolian Signature Series “Bertram Engel” 20-inch ride.
  • 1 Anatolian Ultimate Series 22-inch ride (optional replacement).

Set 2 (set of Zildjian cymbals):

  • 1 set of 14-inch Zildjian A Custom hi-hats.
  • 1 16-inch Zildjian A Custom crash.
  • 1 18-inch Zildjian A Custom crash.
  • 1 21-inch Zildjian A Custom Ride.

hire a Snare drum:

  • Pearl Reference snare.
  • Gretsch Renown snare.