Pipe and drape hire Auckland; Event Drape Hire Auckland – Rent Curtains and Drapes for Events.

Affordable Pipe and Drape hire kits – backdrop or separation curtains for your event:

We can provide Event drape hire in Auckland (freestanding drape kit), and they are a great solution to separate out or divide up large rooms. The pipe and drape hire kits can be used to dress the back of the stage, and our rent drape looks great with uplighting. Curtain hire Auckland options to follow…

Why use Pipe and drape kits at your event?

  • Rent Drape kits (Push pole drapes) can help turn a school gym into a theatre
  • or work perfectly as a backdrop to a stage.
  • You can use these black drapes for dressing event centres, halls, and gymnasiums.
  • Auditoriums or theatres also look immaculately dressed with these drapes.
  • Divide up stalls at your expo or markets.
  • Improve the aesthetics as well as the acoustics of your venue!
  • Event drape hire Auckland options.

How much does it cost to rent drape kit or drape hire Auckland?

We hire the pipe and drape hire kit system out for $100+GST per 3-metre wide section, which can go up to 5 metres high.

Individual pipe and drape kit components related to Event drape hire Auckland:

  • Spigot and Base plates – 50cm squared with spigot. Spigots can be placed either in the centre or near the edges.
  • Pipe and drape kit component – Push-pole uprights that go to 5.1 meters high.
  • Base and Spigot.
  • Crossbars that extend up to 3.8 meters wide.
  • Sandbags are an additional cost but are available.
  • Drapes that are 5 x 3 meters Flat with pockets on the 3m and 5m sides so that they can be hung either way.  They can be bunched easily or hung flat. Adjust this for the look you are after.

Event Drape Hire Auckland – Stage Backdrops, Wings, Acoustic baffling – Reduce acoustic problems.

Are you looking to create a stunning setting for your event or show? Look no further than the versatile black drapes available for pipe and drape hire. They can serve as a fantastic stage or set backdrop, and the freestanding drape kit can also be used to create wings or backstage areas. And if you need a solution for hiding unsightly walls or windows or creating additional rooms in a venue, we have what you need with event drape hire Auckland.

These elegant and professional-looking drapes can transform any space into a beautiful and functional event space. For the perfect finishing touch, consider adding uplighting to the drapes to create a truly magical effect. And don’t forget that the drapes can also be used as a valance on the bottom of a projector screen, while the drape frame can be a versatile option for holding up projection screens at adjustable heights. So why wait?

Elevate your event or show with the incredible versatility of these drapes today! Not only can you make the atmosphere look amazing, but you can also improve the room’s acoustics.

Combine your drape hire with our Audio Visual Solutions as well as vocal Pa speakers, corded microphones or wireless microphones.

Pipe and drape hire - rent drape hire used at the backdrop for the stage for a more professional look and to get rid of reflection problems of the glass. Event drape hire auckland.

Pipe and Drape hire, this picture shows how our rent drape kits can be used to turn a school gym into a theatre setting. Event drape hire auckland. Freestanding drape kit used as stage backdrop and wings.

drape hire - backdrop and Band Backline for hire including drum kits and guitar amps.