Live Streaming Events – Hire Vision Mixers, Cameras and Operators

We have what you need for Live Streaming Events:

Covid-19 is changing the way events are run – but it does not mean you can’t run your event… Why not sell a limited number of live tickets, but also live stream your event, so that your event is not limited to the number of live tickets you sell, it’s wide open and the possibilities are endless! Expand your audience to the World Wide Web so people can watch from the comfort of their living rooms.

Check-list of Required Gear for Live Streaming Events:

2 x Roland V1HD Vision Mixer and multi-input HDMI video switcher. Vision mixer hire so you can have more than on camera for your streamed broadcast.
Various Full HD Panasonic and Sony Handy Cameras, as well as Nikon D7000 still camera which takes amazing video shots with a great adjustable lense.

Flying Drone Camera for epic video shots of outdoor events.
HDMI Cables, SDI Cables and Adapters.
Elgato Video Capture Cards.

Hard drive Recording Unit – keep a record of your live streaming event for back up or later broadcasting.
TVs, Projectors or Computer Monitors for running your hybrid show – both live and streaming shows.
Audio Mixers, Speakers and Laptops.

Here is a useful video which is a check-list guide to what you might need to live stream your event:
You will find we have most of the necessary gear above which you can hire from us. If you are running more than on camera the vision mixer and cameras are absolutely necessary.


Roland vision mixer, HDMI Video Switcher for live streaming events, vision mixer hire
Roland V-1HD multi HDMI vision switcher – vision mixer for hire

Other HD Video Equipment available:

2 x 1u Kramer VS-48HD HDMI Matrix (4in 8out) w/remotes.

1 x 1u Kramer VS-88HD HDMI Matrix (8in 8out) no remote 2 x 1u.

Kramer 8×1 HDMI distribution (1in 8out).

2 x Blackmagic HDMI-SDI extenders.

2 x Blackmagic SDI-HDMI extenders.

8 x CAT6-HDMI extenders (transmitter/receivers).

2 x 30m HD-SDI cable (75ohm coax, Black).

6 x 15m HDMI Cable (Black).

6 x 10m HDMI Cable (Black).

6 x 20m Cat6 cable (Black).

6 x 10m Cat6 cable (Black).