The Rock Factory Team

Michelle from the Rock Factory operating a sound desk

Michelle Klaessens-Rawstron

Managing Director and Sound Engineer
- Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
- Diploma in Audio Engineering
- MPCA Sound

"Everyday we get to watch people being inspired, entertained, fascinated and enjoying themselves."

"It is our love of music, story telling and presentations that got us involved in the first place and because we love it we don't consider what we are doing to be work - infact we will go to extra lengths to ensure both our clients, the entertainers and the audience are loving it too!"

Mark from The Rock Factory holding a boom mic

Mark Rawstron

Managing Director and Sound Engineer
- BTech (Production & Manufacturing Eng)
- Diploma in Audio Engineering
- MPCA Sound and Accoustics

The Journey

Michelle and Mark founded the Rock Factory in the early-mid 2000’s, initially as a recording studio. But they soon grew to incorporate live events. 

As you may have guessed from the name, in the early days these events involved a lot of Rock Music! 

Over time they began to hire out audio gear, both for recording and live events.

When the Rock Factory expanded they began taking on other kinds of events too.  Now, from weddings, to public speaking engagements, from Christmas parties, to festivals, to charity events, and political speeches, the Rock Factory has done it all.

With nearly 20 years in the business, the Rock Factory are proud of their journey.   From a storage-room recording-studio, to a company with the capacity to tackle festival sized set-ups, they have never lost their passion for sound.

Our Mission

We work hard to bring great sound, staging, and lighting, to events in Auckland and around New Zealand.  

We use solar power at many large daytime events, reducing our clients reliance on diesel generators. 

Our Vision

To create inspiring sound experiences all over the country and the world. 

Utilise more solar power for lower emission events.

Continue to improve on our delivery of great audio hire experiences throughout Aotearoa.