If you’re a fan of camping music festivals with great bands and a hint of secrecy, you might have wanted to consider attending this one. Beginning as a gathering of friends and musicians that turned into a full yearly festival, this was the first festival that my kids attended. We have great Neilstock memories. Not only were we exposed to a large array of talent, the back-to-back bands allowed us to hone our skills providing live sound production and mixing as sound engineers in a relaxed and welcoming environment.

Neilstock, organized by Neil himself, is an annual celebration held on a farm located in Tirau. The event showcases live music performances and allows attendees to camp on-site with their loved ones.

Neil’s parents are known for throwing legendary pre and after parties and hosting events in their farmhouse before and after Neilstock. Although Neilstock is now in the past, we cherish the many wonderful Neilstock memories we have of this event.

As Neilstock continued to grow in popularity, the production team worked tirelessly to improve the festival experience for attendees. One major advancement was the implementation of a dual stage setup, as depicted in the photo below. This innovation eliminated any unnecessary waiting time between bands, ensuring a seamless transition for the extensive lineup of over 15 bands performing hour-long sets back to back, both day and night. With efficiency being paramount, this setup allowed for a more enjoyable experience for all festival-goers. It’s clear that Neilstock’s commitment to continuously improving their production value is a major factor in their success.

photo of stage at Neilstock when it was setup as a dual stage setup on two trick trailers. The Rock Factory provided PA system, some backline, foldbacks and microphones. This is the first festival our children went to, on a farm in Tirau! Neilstock  while it was running was legendary. We have wonderful memories of Neilstock and its various iterations.

Posters from Neilstock Memories:

Below are the posters from Neilstock 2012 and 2013. These were particularly great years involving the following bands:

Neilstock’s 2012 Lineup included: Uncouth, Rumple&Stilskin, the Skitz, 71 Sunset, Yubiisu, Bearhat, The Murderchord, Superturtle, Invader Cain, The Vessel, The Deloreans, Static Era, Gerogia Lines, Outside In, The Mad Crept.

Neilstocks 2013 Lineup included: Beard of Walrus, Turnig Tricks, Harvey Knows a Killer, Georgia Lines, Brightly Colourec Cocks, Shepherd’s Reign, The Nowhere Effect, Rumple & Stiltskin, The Hunt, Fighting Like Stags, Yebiisu, Vessel, Kareoke Whore House, The Murder Chord, Invader Cain.

Neilstock was a great place to be introduced to bands and build lasting friendships.

neilstock 2012 poster - neilstock memories Neilstock 2013 poster - neilstock memories -legendary yearly music festival of the past.

https://www.facebook.com/neilstock.yeah – official facebook page of the event

Article in the New Zealand Herald about Neilstock.

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