Lately we at the Rock Factory have been busy, not just with… A BRAND NEW SHINY ORGANISED WEBSITE!  But here are some of the other things we’ve been up to as well…

New Zealand Fashion Week

We supplied the PA and Backline for the lovely and talented Sola Rosa to play for fashion weekend.

Sustainable Coastlines Charity Ball

The Rock Factory supplied the PA, Projectors and screens for this fundraising event at the Hilton Hotel.

Shotgun Alley with Sonic Alter and Fuser

The ‘Girls Team’ rocked down to Whakatane in our little truck Percy to deliver a PA for these epic bands to use at their show.

Mile High Winter Tour

Mile High took us and a P.A. along on their winter tour a little while back, which was a pretty cool adventure.

As well as traveling around the country we have been lately recording Shift, Invader Cain, My Asylum and Jandal.

[Posted by Kristie]

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