Vocal PA Packages

Vocal PA Systems: $75 to $250 +GST

These vocal pa systems are perfect for parties at home, conferences, expos, meetings, speeches, weddings, lectures, dance and aerobic classes, and as small DJ system. Whatever the occasion we have the right pa speakers for your event. Read more about Public Address Systems (another name for vocal pa) on wikipedia here.


Vocal PA Speakers

Vocal PA Option 1: $75 to $110+GST

  • 1 x powered (active) pa speaker ($75+GST)
  • 1 standard microphone, stand & cable… one set FREE with speaker if required!
  • ipod cable if necessary
  • ADD 4 ch mixing desk + extra mic for $25+GST
  • upgrade to wireless or cordless microphone ADD $25+GST

Our all in one battery powered PA system is $95+GST with standard microphone or $110+GST with wireless microphone

Vocal PA Option 2: $150+GST

  •  2 x powered (active) pa speakers
  • 4 channel mixing desk
  • 2 microphones, 2 stands and cables
  • ipod cable if needed

Vocal PA Option 3: $200+GST

  • 3 x powered (active) pa speakers (e.g 2 tops and a sub OR 2 tops and a monitor)
  • 4 channel mixing desk
  • 2 mics, 2 stands and cables
  • ipod cable if needed

Vocal PA Option 4: $250+GST

  • 4 x powered (active) pa speakers (e.g 2 tops and 2 subs OR 2 tops, a sub and a monitor OR 4 tops for spread!)
  • 4 channel mixing desk
  • 2 mics, 2 stands and cables
  • ipod cable if needed
  • swap any sub for a monitor if needed


  • Swap any microphone for a DI for no extra charge
  • Add monitors or foldbacks: 1 for $50, 2 for $80, 3 for $100
  • Add extra microphones for $10+GST each
  • Upgrade from 15 inch sub to 18 inch sub for $30+GST
  • Upgrade from 4 ch desk to 12 channel desk for $30+GST
  • Upgrade a standard microphone to a cordless microphone for $25+GST
  • Add additional wireless microphones for $50+GST each


Optional Extras


  • Delivery and setup of a vocal PA is $50+GST anywhere in Auckland ($25 for vehicle, $25 for person)
  • Packdown and Packout is $50+GST anywhere in Auckland ($25 for vehicle, $25 for person)
  • System tech/sound engineer  if needed $150 to $250 for the night or day depending on who is available
  • All our system techs are qualified and experienced sound engineers that can mix any conference or band


  • Wireless hand held or headset microphones $50+GST each
  • UPGRADE to 16 Ch Allen and Heath desk with full FX rack (multi effects unit, reverb and delay, 6 channels of 31 band EQs, 4 compressor/limiter/gates) ADD $100+GST

DJ gear

  • Pioneer CDJ-1000MK3 = $75+GST
  • Pioneer DJM-800 Mixer = $75+GST
  • Special Pro DJ pack – 2 x CDJ-1000MK3 and DJM-800 (3 pieces in case) = $200+GST

Lighting FX

  • LED Par64 cans with clamps or floor stands $25+GST
  • Floor mount cans $25
  • Party lights and lasers $25+GST each
  • Smoke machine $30+GST
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