DJ Gear Hire and Sales

HIRE: We have a good range of DJ gear hire for both discerning professional DJs and for enthusiasts who want to DJ at their mates 21st, wedding, function, house party or back yard. We can also provide good quality sound systems so that the DJs and their DJ gear can be heard. We have everything from compact  garage party vocal pa systems to grunty concert sized sound systems with more 15 ir 18 inch subs than you can shake a stick at! We have all you need to be your own DJ OR we can book or organise a DJ for you if you need us to.

SALES or INSTALLATION: If you are a DJ or Venue looking to BUY a sound system, we recommend you HIRE one of our sound systems to help you figure out what is the right thing for you. We can then quote you for a suitable system, and if you buy from us we can remove the cost of ONE hire of the most similar system from the total as a discount, so you don’t lose out on anything… TRY BEFORE YOU BUY!

Guidelines for Sound Systems for DJ Gear Hire:

If you need to hire a DJ sound system with the DJ gear hire, the following basic guidelines for size of system vs size of audience may help you:

DJ Gear Hire:

DJ Gear hire pioneer CDJ and DJ mixer


Lighting, Staging and other things to complement the DJ Gear Hire:

For other items like Microphones, PAs, Lights, and Stage risers to put the DJ gear on, please go back to home page or take a look at our Individual items for hire list or our production hire pricelists.

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